Support carbon projects
We care deeply for the communities we serve and want to keep them beautiful for generations to come. You can contribute to our EverGreen journey by supporting our portfolio of high-impact carbon projects, including carbon removals.
Address emissions
As a part of our EverGreen journey, we have prioritized immediate actions and long-term investments–like committing to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 and being the first airline to remove plastic straws, water bottles and cups on board. We are also working closely with innovative partners across the globe to inform our sustainability work and enable new solutions for the future. Be part of our EverGreen journey by supporting carbon projects based on your flight's carbon emissions. To estimate your trip’s carbon emissions, enter your flight details below.
Impactful climate action
Reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions requires investment in and scaling of solutions that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and from the carbon cycle on a long-term basis. While carbon offsets can refer to projects that either reduce or remove carbon emissions, carbon removal projects are specific to projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere and/or the carbon cycle.
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Address your climate impact by supporting carbon projects.
Climate action for everyone.
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